ZooMax is a network of specialized pet stores.

  We work for those who love their pets, consider them equal members of the family, care about their health, comfort and want to buy them only quality pet products.

    We offer high-quality products from proven foreign manufacturers, our sales consultants will acquaint you with the current range and provide advice.

    Our advantages:

• wide range;

• quality, foreign goods;

• many years of experience;

• affordable prices.

    We provide free delivery of goods around the city. We send across Ukraine by New Mail, MeestExpress.

    Take care of your pets with us, and they will thank you for their love!

Work schedule:

Mon-Sat 10.00-19.00

Sunday 10.00-17.00


    For all additional questions you can contact us:

+38 096 95 71 227, +38 067 30 20 020