Do you dream of a pet? Already have a pet? So? Then you should know that in addition to joy, love and warmth, he probably brought with him a little trouble and pleasant worries. You will have to arrange a comfortable place for him to sleep, play or to meet various natural needs. Also, from now on you should follow the daily diet of your pet and buy him quality food, from time to time to visit a veterinarian and a grooming salon.

    Why ZooMax?

• a large selection of pet products from leading brands;

• quality customer service;

• affordability;

• the opportunity to get advice on caring for a pet.

    We provide free delivery of goods around the city. We send across Ukraine by New Mail, MeestExpress.

    Take care of your pets with us, and they will thank you for their love!

Work schedule:

Mon-Fri 9.30-18.30

Saturday 9.30-15.00

Sunday Weekend

    For all additional questions you can contact us:

+38 096 95 71 227, +38 067 30 20 020