It is not in vain that pets become common pets - they are faithful companions and an inexhaustible source of positive emotions. At the same time, pets need constant care and attention. That they pleased owners not only with the presence, but also the well-groomed look, excellent health and the fine form, it is necessary to watch carefully their condition and a food.

    That is why the ZooMax pet store for a happy owner of any pet becomes an essential item in the shopping list. It is very easy to buy good food and other pet products in our store, because our friendly sellers will always help you.     We offer the most up-to-date range of forages and goods for animals, we guarantee high quality of production, competitive prices.

    We provide free delivery of goods around the city. We send across Ukraine by New Mail, MeestExpress.

Take care of your pets with us, and they will thank you for their love!


Work schedule:

Mon-Sat 9.00-20.00

Sunday 10.30-18.30


    For all additional questions you can contact us:

+38 096 95 71 227, +38 067 30 20 020