Flowering Planet and ZooMax is a specialized store for selling animals and everything you need to keep them. This is a store where the pet owner can visit with his pet. From the goods, our store offers food for rodents and birds, treats and mineral impurities, quality imported food for fish, dogs, cats, as well as filters and compressors, ornamental plants, decorative stones and ceramic decorations for the aquarium or terrarium.

    In the store you can buy clothes for dogs and cats, bags for dogs of indoor and decorative breeds. In addition, the store offers leashes and collars, harnesses of various designs and purposes.

    We also offer a wide range of veterinary drugs. And also means of protection against pests for plants.

    And you will be able to find for yourself exactly the plant or flower that you have been looking for so long, because we offer a wide selection of seeds of both flowers and garden plants, as well as decorative pots for houseplants or pots to decorate your facade.

    Probably you can list everything for a very long time, so we suggest you look in our store and see everything for yourself and choose your favorite products. Here you can get advice on choosing the right product or advice on keeping, raising or correcting the behavior of dogs, cats and other pets. And also how to take care of certain flowers and how to fight pests in case of damage.

    We provide free delivery of goods around the city. We send across Ukraine by New Mail, MeestExpress.

    Take care of your pets with us, and they will thank you for their love!


Work schedule:

Mon-Fri 9.00-19.00

Saturday 9.00-17.00

Sunday Weekend


    For all additional questions you can contact us:

+38 096 95 71 227, +38 067 30 20 020